Our school stuff is currently on these two IKEA bookshelves. Our library books and reference books are on one shelf, and our curriculum, schoolwork binders, and supplies are on the other shelf. We really need another shelf for various tools and equipment---like our microscope, laminating machine, rock tumbler, etc. But this works for now.

Other random stuff:
I use this paper roll holder and the drawing paper rolls from IKEA to write things down while we're studying. I just tape paper up on the windows or walls or whatever.

I made this supply holder by glueing wire baskets onto a little wood (spray-painted black) IKEA turntable. Pens, pencils, permanent markers, washable markers, poster markers, scissors, and glue go in here. That's our dinner bell and school bell on the right.
(Update: Got these art supply holders at Michael's and I like them even better!)
These magazine holders hold the curriculum/workbooks (Math, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting) each child is currently working on, so they can just grab all their stuff at once when it's Schoolwork Time. Abe does this pretty much on his own. Seb and Ky require a little more one-on-one help, but not constantly, so I can help both of them at the same time.

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