Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mesa Verde

Carlsbad Caverns is a tough act to follow, but during our cave unit, we also talked about humans' relationship with caves. Sam taught about cave symbolism and its religious significance for the Maya, and we looked at pictures of paintings found in the Lescaux Caves and others. And of course, we learned about the Anasazi people who carved out whole cities from the natural sandstone caves at Mesa Verde. We only had half a day, but it was time to take the easiest hike (many of the other hikes had ladders/climbs we didn't know if the littlest ones could negotiate) and drive around the mesa tops to see some of the sites from afar.
It was a beautiful warm Fall day. The leaves were changing colors and Daisy kept wanting her picture taken.

It is fascinating to be in these ancient places and think about the people that constructed them. I wish so much I could have a look at a day in their real lives. I wonder how accurate our conjectures are?

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