Saturday, May 4, 2013

End-of-year Review Game

I can't believe this school year is over already! It's been such a great year and I'm so happy we got to spend it learning together. We had a celebration for our last day of school, after our solar system unit ended. This game we played is the more formal version of what the children ask to play all the time, i.e. "Questions from a unit." It's no more exciting than it sounds, but they love being asked questions, for some reason. (I think my children are quite easily pleased.) :) We do it in the car, or while we're cleaning up the kitchen after meals. And I'm usually pretty amazed at what they can remember.

This game ended up being really long, so we stretched it over two days. I wrote about six questions from every unit we did this year; two worth one point, two worth two points, and two worth three points. They could choose which unit and which point value they wanted to answer, and then if they got it right they kept the card with the points on it. There were prizes at the end (king-sized candy bars; very exciting)---Abe won, but he only beat Sebby by 7 points.

I didn't expect that the children would be able to answer all these questions, and honestly I didn't really care if they could or not. This game was purely for fun. But they did great. I kept the point cards for the questions nobody could answer, and I think I only kept 6 or 7 cards total.
Malachi, thinking hard

These are the questions I used for the game.


  1. I know I'm not supposed to compare myself to you and come up feeling like a loser homeschool mom, but holy hannah you are amazing! So now that I've felt lame for a few minutes, my competitive instincts are kicking in. And now . . . they've faded. Maybe they'll kick in again after I've had some sleep.

    I've looked over my science units for the upcoming year. We should talk. Maybe we could plan one or two to do at the same time so we could do an activity together or something?

    We're doing rocks (still haven't got to that yet--I've pushed it back to September or late August; fossils, rocks, soil, erosion, weathering), Terrarium Habitats (Producers, Consumers, Predators, Prey, Decomposers, Food Chains and Food Webs), Classification (microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals). I'm going to do some dissections with the kids and if we get to it, we'll round out our "biology/earth science" year with the human body.

    As for history, I'm going to continue with the ancient history I didn't get to and then jump into medieval whenever I get to it.

    Are you busy planning for next year or are you still happily enjoying the baby break?


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