Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rockhill Creamery Field Trip

Rockhill Creamery, north of Logan, is a true micro-creamery---they have six cows and a darling little farm with flowers growing along the driveway. The owners were so nice! We visited on Saturday, so there was a little farmer's market going on when we arrived. After all the sellers packed up their produce, Pete, the creamery owner, showed us around.

First we saw the cheese cave, where there's a short video that explains the process of cheesemaking. You can look through the window and see all the beautiful cheese wheels ripening.

The milking room---so clean! The milk goes right from the cow into tubes that take it to a refrigerated tank.

Whey tank

Part of the barn

Then we got to meet the cows, which was awesome. They were so pretty and they had the nicest brown eyes! They were friendly, too.

Elsa really loved Junie, and wanted to sniff her and lick her. Junie was verrrrry nervous about it, and since then she can't stop talking about it. Every time we drive anywhere, she says, "Look, Mommy! Cows! That cow won't sniff me." "Look Mommy, Horsies! That horse won't sniff me. He won't lick me. No."

Such a beautiful pasture for them to graze in. I love Cache Valley!

You can see the creamery building here, where they sell the cheese, and the big milk tank on its right. And the happy cow-dog running toward us! :)

We love the Rockhill Creamery! We bought some delicious cow's milk feta, but my favorite (we tasted several) was the Edam, which they were all out of that day. But this was a wonderful field trip! We're so glad we got to visit! Thanks, Pete and Jennifer!

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