Monday, February 17, 2014

Vision and Perception

Seb made this "3-D" Rubick's Cube, using perspective to make it look more real. He got the idea from this video.
We had a unit entirely on Illusion last year, and it was fun to revisit and expand on some of the optical illusions we talked about then, for our study of Vision and Perception. We watched this short video on "Magic and the Brain," and talked about why it is that our brain interprets the world the way it does, to allow it to be fooled. Our brains are so amazing! We realized that again and again during this unit.

We really liked this movie called "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes," about a blind boy who uses echolocation to move and navigate the world. He does amazingly well! But the movie also brought up some interesting ideas about self-sufficiency and what constitutes real success in life. We recommend it!

Here it is from the side; you can see how elongated it actually is.

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