Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More train drawings and paper models

Here is an update on this post about model paper trains. Seb is still loving to make them, and has done the paper models so many times, he can now make up his own. Above is the train he made for Malachi, with the very exotic and French-sounding name of "Lu Pinkx." :)
A model made with mostly glue instead of tape (it takes longer and is fussier to make, but it looks nicer)
I also really like these ink drawings Sebastian did of various types of trains. He got some greyscale markers for Christmas, and Sam showed him how to use them for shading. I love seeing what Seb draws with them!
And here's my favorite thing of all---this Bunny Train which Sebby made me for Mother's Day. I love it!!

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  1. My nephew is train adict and loves make trains in paper, see you boyas and said: i have a New fríen!!!!


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