Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bonneville Dam, Oregon

To break up the drive a bit on our way home, we stopped at Bonneville Dam. We do love a good dam in this family, and we seek them out whenever possible. We feel we are getting quite a good series of dams under our belts! :) This dam is quite interesting because of the changes made in it over the years. We went on a tour of the powerhouse and enjoyed it immensely!
Huge generators (turbines are below, with the orange stripe)
Junie by one of the stator coils
Our tour guide told us that a huge chunk fell off of this mountain and dammed the Columbia River in Prehistoric times. Much of that landslide later eroded away, but that's what gave the river its distinctive shape and two-channel flow pattern.
We loved watching fish jump up the fish ladders
And Daisy also loved this huge turbine, evidently.
Fish ladder from below
Lampreys! If there's one piece of information I know in this world, it's what a lamprey has: a round sucking mouth with rasping teeth. I learned it in 10th-grade biology and I have repeated it frequently ever since (ask anyone). So you can imagine my pleasure and delight at seeing one in the flesh. Round sucking mouth! Rasping teeth! It's all there.
Seb poses precariously on a hill

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