Monday, August 11, 2014

Toilet-paper tube cannons

Another soldier activity! I told you my children loved military stuff. I wonder if this will be different in a few years, when I'm teaching the Revolutionary War to all my girls? Who knows---Daisy loves weapons too, for now!

Air vortex cannons (this also has a good video link on how cannons are loaded)
Abe's Civil War Final Project about artillery
This was a simple craft we just made up as we went along. Toilet paper rolls with cardstock wheels attached. A long tail on one end to weight the cannon. (That part has a name. I've forgotten it. Trail! I think it's the trail, not the tail.) Cotton balls for cannon balls. A straw for launching the cannon balls, and which can double as a ramrod. We made a whole battery of cannons and then launched volley after volley at each other. Lots of fun!

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