Monday, January 5, 2015

DNA and Genetics Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

This was a good unit to do right before our new baby was born, because it gave us lots of chances to talk about who we really are and how much our genes determine what we are like. It was a good time to review some biology basics that we learned last time we had a baby, during our Babies Unit. And it was fun to talk about family traits (both inherited and learned), talk about baby names, tell stories about each of the other children's births, and learn some stories about our ancestors.
We really loved the YouTube videos by the Amoeba Sisters. They have very clear explanations of the information, and they're cute and funny too. Really well done. I've linked most of them on the specific post that's most relevant, but I'll put some of the links here as well:
We also liked this video about Gregor Mendel and his pea plants
And this video about sex determination in different organisms was fascinating!
This movie was pretty good, about mapping individual genomes and potential cures for genetic diseases


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