Monday, June 1, 2015

Japanese treats

One of our neighbors served an LDS church mission in Tokyo, so we asked him to come over and tell us some of the things he knew about Japan. He was SO good with the children. He had them using chopsticks and learning to bow and say "konichiwa," and all kinds of fun things. We had a wonderful time. At the end of the night, he brought out some Japanese treats he'd gotten from the Asian Market. The children especially loved these little gelatin cups with the awesome name of "Portable Jelly":
The girls ate about half of this box all by themselves. Then they kept the little cups and played with them for several weeks.
I thought they tasted kind of funny, but not bad. They sure looked pretty!
Everyone's other favorite were these little Pocky Sticks (strawberry and chocolate flavors). Yum!

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