Monday, February 8, 2016

Blood Cells Under Microscope

After we did the blood typing activity we quickly smeared some of that nice blood onto a microscope slide so we could look at it! We have looked at blood cells before and they're very interesting, but it is harder than you think to get liquid blood! I've tried poking myself with a pin lots of times and I just can't get any blood (my survival instincts won't let me draw blood, I guess!). When I went to donate blood, I actually asked the nurse if I could have one of those little finger-pokers to use later, so I've got that one in reserve! But anyway, we already had some blood after blood-typing, so we leapt at the opportunity. :)

We're no experts in microscopy, so I'm not sure I can describe all the things we're seeing here, but you can definitely see those little flat/round cells! I am not sure if you can tell the red blood cells from the white? The white are bigger, we know. We thought we were picking out some differences but just weren't sure. And of course, my little iPhone photos don't really do justice to what we were seeing. It's hard to get in position a good picture without some sort of attachment for the phone!
We thought maybe that green triangle thing in the bottom left corner was a platelet?
And here is the blood as it was drying and starting to clot.

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