Friday, March 18, 2016

Credit Unions and Banks

Our local Credit Union was happy to let us come have a tour, and the manager was so nice! I am always amazed at how nice people are when you are interested in what they do. He showed us all around the building, talked about different services credit unions offer, and even let us go into the vault! We loved it. Watching the canisters travel up the vacuum tubes from the drive-through was another big hit with the children. :)

Along with our field trip, we enjoyed this check-writing activity (it also talks about balancing and using a check register—the older boys did that part).

Here's a useful compound interest calculator if you are talking about mortgages or other loans.

There are tons of great resources on teaching kids good saving and spending habits, debt management, etc., and they are easy to find—most banks have a "kids section" of their website and are happy to talk about money management, and many junior high schools also teach related courses. I'm not going to include those links because there are so many of them and I didn't find that there was that much variation among them—they were all of similar quality. :)

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