Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Calcite Onyx Rockhounding

We have this rockhounding guide to Utah and we LOVE it (make sure you get the latest version, which has color pictures!). Last time we studied rocks, we went hunting for obsidian, topaz, calcite, and wonderstone. This time we wanted to see some new sites, so we went to the back of the Nebo Loop to hunt for calcite onyx. It's not real onyx, but the beautiful stripes and bands make it so beautiful! There are instructions on finding the spot here, but I think the book I linked above gives even better directions.
It was the most beautiful spring day. I thought Fall was the absolute best time to be out rockhounding, but I am starting to consider Spring a strong contender!

If you find the right spot to park off of the Nebo Loop road, it's quite an easy hike up to the calcite deposit. You go up the trail for 15-20 minutes, and suddenly, there's a huge rocky outcropping. Up close you can see the colored veins sparkling in the sun. It's really beautiful!
Daisy brought Rosie along to help collect rocks.
We spent all morning collecting rocks and exploring around in the warm sun. It was so beautiful. Even Teddy enjoyed himself…for a time.
We had our picnic in this green meadow.
After eating, Theodore became enraged for some reason, so after we couldn't stand the screaming anymore, we put him several yards away to scream by himself. Poor little lamb. It made him madder than ever.
THIS little angel, on the other hand, was as happy as a lark to be out in the mountains.
Finally the clouds started rolling in, so we took our buckets and headed back down the mountain. It was a lovely day!

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