Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sounds around the world

This is a COOL website. It's a world sound map, where you can click on a site on the world map, and be taken to recordings of ambient sounds going on in that location. It's amazing! Monkeys and birds in the rainforest! Rustling leaves in forests! Penguins squawking and ice breaking up! I could spend days exploring these sounds. It makes you feel like you're really taking a trip around the world!

Listen to some singing sand dunes

This video about unexplained sounds was really cool. It freaked my kids out, though! A couple of them had bad dreams about it!

I already referenced Trevor Cox's site on the Unit Schedule page, but it's so good I'll link to it again here. It has links to recordings of some of the "sonic wonders of the world" sites the author discovered (and other sounds, like birds). Just a fascinating collection of sounds! The recording of the lyrebird is one of my favorites! But comparing a balloon popping in different sites (like in an anechoic chamber vs. a mausoleum) is pretty cool too.

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