Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

One of my favorite things---maybe my very favorite thing---about homeschooling is the time and freedom it gives us to have devotional/gospel study time together. Though our schedule for Devotionals is separate from our school schedule (i.e. we are studying different things in each), we often spend one or two devotionals during each school unit highlighting topics that apply to both areas. Anyway, with an Easter Unit, there was obviously a lot more overlap, which was interesting. We spent mornings talking about our own beliefs regarding Easter, and then went into more historical/cultural topics afterwards. So I have two unit schedules for this unit---the School one is above; the Devotional one is below.

I love Easter and have always felt like there are so many more things we could do to celebrate it, but I never get on top of things early enough to do so. I still think next year I may try to start preparations even earlier, but this year I read a really good book that helped me establish a timeline and a context for the religious side of things, so I based our devotionals for the week on that. It's called God So Loved the World by Eric Huntsman. It had some great topics to ponder and discuss with the kids, and I just enjoyed reading the whole thing myself. I recommend it.
The children really love charts, so this was our Holy Week chart---we filled it in each day to help us remember which events happened when. It was nice to have it up as a reminder on our wall all week.

Also, there is a great series of Bible Videos highlighting many of these events. The children really liked watching these.

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