Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fabergé Eggs

Abergé Egg

I loved seeing the Fabergé Eggs in the Armoury Museum, and after reading several books about them, we all became quite fascinated. (Just as I was saying about matryoshka dolls---I love something that opens up to reveal another surprise inside! So delightful.) Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way, as many of the eggs are worth millions. :) There is a great website here that shows each Imperial egg, and the surprise inside. We could have browsed this site all day!

Disappointingly, we couldn't find any videos of the eggs actually working, which we really would have liked to see! But we did watch this video about Fabergé and the eggs (it is just the first half of the episode).

We decided to make our own "Fabergé Eggs." They were very inadequate because they didn't have little surprises inside like we wanted them to! But they were still fun to make. We used cardboard eggs from the craft store, and some plastic eggs too (although nothing stuck to those eggs quite as well). I have a big bucket of these little plastic "gems" which were perfect for making our eggs as ornate as possible. Oh, and glitter glue, of course.
I tried to make a "Lily of the Valley" egg

Sebergé Egg

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