Thursday, July 11, 2013

Soldier Play

A few miscellaneous pictures of Sebastian playing soldier during this unit. Malachi played with him a lot too, but for some reason I only have pictures of Seb. It was cute to see how much they liked marching around and shouting orders at each other, since they've never really played army or soldier games before this. I loved the "bayonet" Seb constructed out of a letter opener, which he stuck inside an old curtain rod.

I almost always have the boys wear their "school clothes" when we're having school (blue or white polos with blue or tan pants/shorts) and I think Malachi and Sebby wore navy blue shirts with navy blue pants every day of the unit because they said that was their "Union Soldier Uniform."
These Civil War soldier toys got a ton of use, both formally and informally, during this unit.
They are fairly sturdy and we loved how detailed they were. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

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