Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Civil War Era toys---Weaving and "Yama Man" yarn doll

Here is a fun toy to make when learning about children in "the old days"---pioneers, Civil War, etc. The boys did this in their 4-H Club with my mom. We have always called this kind of toy the Yama Man---I think that's a name my Nana made up for these little yarn men. We even have a song to go with it:
The Yama yama, the Yama Man,
He will catch you if he can.
So run for your Mama,
'Cause here comes the Yama,
The Yama Man.

As you can see he is easy to make. Just take a long piece of yarn and loop it back and forth until it's a long bundle (cut the ends so there are no loops). Tie the bundle at the top.

Then do the same thing to make a slightly shorter bundle. Tie it at top and bottom, then insert the short bundle through the long one to make the arms. Tie the long bundle above and below the arms (neck and waist).

Next, separate the bottom of the long/vertical bundle into two legs, and tie each at the ankle.

You can stitch a little face on him if you want.

Or you can make a Yama Mama instead---just don't tie off the legs; it will be a skirt instead.

We also did weaving on top of cardboard squares and made little mats.

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