Friday, August 23, 2013

Honeybee Celebration

This was a fun celebration because there are so many recipes that use honey! We only chose a few to make, of the many recipes I had bookmarked to try. I also appreciated the way the boys used our paper honeycomb as a tablecloth.

The recipes we tried are:

Honey-sesame chicken (delicious!)

Honey salad dressing (pretty good, but I've had better)

Honey-drizzled flatbread--best eaten warm. I doubled the recipe but shouldn't have, because we had too much left over and it wasn't as good the next day.

Honey panna cotta--this was awesome---see separate post here

Honeyed hot cocoa (really interesting---it was almost a savory taste, hardly sweet at all. And very rich. I would make it again, in the right context---it was very unexpected.)

There are more ideas on my pinterest board.

We had fun making these jellybean bees, which we used as garnish on our plates and the food plates

What a delicious feast! Thank you, honeybees!

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