Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More wildflowers---Cecret Lake and Lake Catherine

Some more wildflowers from another hike. Sam and I went with just the little ones, so we did half of the Cecret Lake trail and then half of the Lake Catherine trail.

Monkshood--I love the bee poking his little head inside

Common cow parsnip

I don't know what this is. Anyone?

I have a really hard time telling the asters and the "showy daisy" apart. I think these are all Engelmann's Aster, in spite of being different colors and different petal patterns. The leaves of the Showy Daisy look different to me.

The tall white flower in these pictures is False Hellebore.

A field of asters---so pretty

Garrett's Firechalice. We saw a hummingbird drinking from these blossoms!

Heartleaf bittercress

Low Larkspur---so gorgeous!

Monkeyflower. Cute!

Rough-edged groundsel

Sulfur Buckwheat. I like how frilly this is, like a little ribbon rosette

Tomie's Owlsclover

Western Coneflower

Wyeth's Buckwheat. And such a beautiful little butterfly sipping from it!

Yellow columbine

It was a beautiful day for hiking and wildflowers!

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