Monday, May 5, 2014

Chocolate Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

I'd been wanting to do a unit on chocolate for awhile, and when I saw the Natural History Museum had a special exhibit on chocolate going on, it seemed like a good enough reason to do it now! There were lots of ideas online, my favorite being Montserrat (of Cranial Hiccups)'s Chocolate Unit Study. The Field Museum also has some really good resources.

Here are some more curriculum materials about chocolate---quite in-depth

Some cool sculptures made of chocolate

Do you wonder when to use "cacao" and when to use "cocoa"? I did. Cocoa is really just a European misspelling of cacao, but the convention now is to use "cacao" when referring to the tree and the beans, and "cocoa" once the manufacturing process has started. Thus, "cacao beans," and "cocoa butter." So now you know!

And here is my Chocolate Unit Pinterest Board

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