Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chocolate Water Mousse

This two-ingredient chocolate mousse relies on process and amounts to keep the chocolate from seizing and add air to make it light. (He explains it very well in the video here.) It's made with only chocolate and water! Amazing. It has a very pure, intense chocolate flavor due to the lack of any cream or other flavoring. Here is just the portion of the video that shows how to make the mousse, but it is very vague about amounts. After whisking our mixture forever, it still wasn't thickening, so I did a little more reading about it, and finally found that if the chocolate mixture remains runny after several minutes of whisking, you probably need more fat content (so return the pan to the heat and add more chocolate). Because we were using milk instead of dark chocolate, our chocolate-to-water ratio had to be a little higher, I think. Here is a good recipe and further explanation.

After we added more chocolate, it worked perfectly! We also switched over to the hand beaters, as Abe's arm was getting too tired, but you have to just be careful not to overbeat the mousse---as soon as it is thickened, stop beating!
This was really good eaten plain, but VERY intense---none of us could even finish a small bowlful, which is very unlike us! :) (At one sitting, I mean. Naturally we finished our bowls later!) But it would be just lovely served in little tiny bowls, with a dollop of cream and maybe a mint leaf on top. It would be so elegant! And I also kept thinking how good it would be instead of buttercream frosting in between layers of chocolate cake. Yum!
UPDATE: We tried serving this in tiny bowls the next time we made it, and it was perfect. So cute!

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