Monday, September 29, 2014

Globe Theater paper models

We like making paper models, so we were happy to find this printable model of the Globe Theater! Here is the link:

First we printed them out on single sheets, as they are shown in the .pdf. At that tiny size, they were quite hard to make! The cutting of the little tabs was way too hard for Daisy and Malachi, so I had to do all of that, and it wore out my scissor-hand too! As we were finishing the models, it occurred to me that we could have made the printout bigger. So, I put the picture into photoshop, divided it into four quadrants, and printed out each quadrant on a separate piece of paper (thus increasing the scale of the theater by four). It wasn't a perfect solution, as there was some cropping on the edge of the pages, but we were able to overlap and draw in the missing parts, and it worked out fine. And making that big size was MUCH easier! Sebby made the big theater, and it turned out great, and was much less tiring to cut and fold. We also find that using tape causes much less frustration than using glue on this type of model, though of course it doesn't look as neat. But we don't mind.
It's really a cool model. Very detailed. The children loved putting their tiny animals inside the theater and pretending to put on plays.


  1. Thanks for this blogpost and for the idea to use photoshop to make the project so much easier for little hands.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you have fun with it! :)


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