Friday, September 5, 2014

Renaissance Ruffs and Shakespeare Masks

We got the idea of making ruffs from this site. (There are a bunch of other fun ideas on there too.) Once we put on the ruffs, they were so itchy and uncomfortable that everyone immediately wanted them off again. "That's probably just how Queen Elizabeth felt!" I said, and from then on whenever we looked at pictures of Renaissance people wearing ruffs, the children all tsk-ed and made sympathetic noises. Bringing the past to life, that's what we're doing here! :)
Ruffs are easy to make. You just get a really long strip of paper, fold it accordian-style, and punch holes through it so you can thread a string through the holes. We really should have made ours longer/more full. But they sufficed.
We also printed out these funny little Shakespeare masks. The pdf is here.
Daisy made a tiny one, of course. (Junie is the one holding it in the picture, though.)


  1. I am a teacher having a Shakespeare Fest and I would really like to get that pdf of your masks.
    Your link is not working....could you email to me directly please?

    1. I emailed you and updated the link. Thanks! :)


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