Saturday, November 1, 2014

Teddy Bear Picnic

Bear buns. Just a regular roll recipe, shaped like bears by sticking on balls of dough for the ears and muzzle (though there are a few definite NON-bears on this pan---a monkey and at least one pig).
On holidays we usually have some sort of school party, and Halloween fell during this unit, so we took the not-terribly-creative course of having a Teddy Bear's Picnic. (It was the most beautiful of Indian Summer days! Positively hot outside!) I'm really not a very good or motivated "party planner," but I'm willing to go to a little extra effort if it seems like it will be worth it. And for a Teddy Bear Picnic, there is so much cute Bear-themed food you can find ideas for! Also, we already had lots of bear costumes around, so the children had no trouble disguising themselves. 
We got out our parachute and played games with it. The stuffed bears got bounced on top and had quite a fun time doing so.

We didn't eat all of these foods at our picnic (the bear buns and the pancakes were actually on other days), but all of them would have worked nicely for it.
We cut out bear-shaped toast with cookie cutters.
Bear pancakes (another day)—they were cuter here.
The best parts of the Teddy Bear Picnic, in Daisy's opinion, were the invitations. A big one for each child—a smaller one for that child's bear—and an even tinier one for that bear's bear. I just made them out of bear silhouettes.
I just used bear silhouettes and typed words on them (obviously).
We had this delicious pudding with berries on it. Again, the main attraction was that there were tiiiiiny sizes—so the children could feed their bears too.
The bears liked it. They liked their bowls of one Gummi Bear and one Teddy Graham, too.
A bear.
Hey, how did these monkeys get in?
It really was a great picnic (and Halloween Party)!

And furthermore, on the subject of Teddy Bears:

History of the teddy bear—we also had several good books from the library about Teddy Roosevelt and the story of the first Teddy Bear

Project Teddy Bear, sponsored by the Bank of American Fork. We're going to donate to this at Christmastime this year.

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