Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bear Sleepover

I can't even tell you how many school teachers' blogs I read, while I was looking around for Bear Unit ideas, that described a "bear sleepover" where the students brought in their stuffed bears and then discovered them up to all kinds of trouble in the classroom the next day. I thought the kindergartner and preschooler among us would particularly appreciate such a thing, so accordingly, the children gathered all their bears in the living room one night for a sleepover. There are many, many bears in this house.
Although not all of them are, strictly speaking, bears.

Anyway, there was much surprise and delight when the girls discovered what mischief the bears were up to the next morning! They laughed and laughed. It was so fun to watch them notice each new thing.
Well worth the slight effort, really. Those rascally bears! :)

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