Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Atmospheric lighting effects

We had this book from the library, and we liked it so much that I got it for Sam for Christmas. We love observing/remarking on stuff like this, so it is nice to learn more about HOW and WHY these effects occur!

This video shows the "green flash", which is an interesting phenomenon I'd heard of, but never really understood, before. The book pictured above had a pretty good explanation of why it occurs, to which I doubt I can do justice. But here's a web page about it if you're interested, or this one is a bit simpler. Just like practically everything we learned about in this unit, it seems confusing, then simpler when you first hear it explained, then even more confusing and mysterious the more in-depth the explanation becomes! :)

Here's another video that shows a photographer trying to capture the green flash.

Some other phenomena I've always been interested in are the aurora. I (like everyone else in the world, I suppose) have always dreamed of seeing them for myself someday!
There are some great pictures of the aurora borealis here
And more beautiful pictures here
And this video gives you an idea of how beautiful it must be to see the aurora in real-time!

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