Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making a pinhole camera

Making a pinhole camera is one of those things that feels like kind of an obligatory part of learning about light. I feel like I did it several times when I was young. And, true, it is an interesting way to discover how images are turned upside-down when coming through a thin opening (as on the retina of your eye). But I must say it's not one of my favorite activities, just because it's so…underwhelming. The images you see inside the camera are so small and blurry and faded! But, it's an easy-enough activity to do, so maybe it's worth it anyway. Or maybe there is a model that works better than the one we made. We got our instructions from a library book, but here are some online instructions for how to make a pinhole camera from a Pringles can.

Or you could make a pinhole camera that actually records pictures onto film? That sounds kind of cool.

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