Friday, April 24, 2015

Cool Robot Videos

Here are some videos we enjoyed of various types of robots.

Funny little robo-footstool that comes to get under your feet.

This homemade robot talks and answers questions.

Tiny snow-plowing robot.

This one is a gas-sampling robot.

Robotic hand with Arduino.

Ping-pong robot!

This one is really cool, made with a box and Arduino.

Robot exoskeleton

And another exoskeleton suit, built in Utah!

A cute little baby penguin robot! Daisy loved this one.

This origami robot is great—he folds himself up and walks away!

We really loved the "BEAR" (battlefield extraction-assist robot) that's been developed for use in the armed forces. It can carry injured soldiers off the battlefield and disarm weapons, among other things. Here are three videos showing how it works:
An overview
Part 1
Part 2

ASIMO is another of our favorite robots. He's so cute! Here are some ASIMO videos:

This little guy, Jibo, is a new robot still in development. We like him too.

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