Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Frubber" Robot Skin

We learned about "Frubber," a kind of lightweight polymer robot "skin." You can learn more about frubber here and here.

Then we made our own "robot skin," sometimes known as GAK or…silly putty! You make it from Borax and White Glue, and even though it's not exactly the same as David Hanson's "frubber," it is a polymer, and it's so fun to play with! Here are the instructions for making gak. So easy and fun.
Sebby made Wall-E and Eve
Scary robot-face!
It took some time and patience to get it stretch out far enough to become really supple, but then it made excellent "skin"!
If you were really patient, you could get it to be so thin, it was nearly transparent!

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