Monday, November 28, 2016

Car-related field trips

Abe by a rare LaFerrari, or the Ferrari The Ferrari, as they always call it on "Top Gear."
I wanted to take the children to a junkyard so they could see the wrecking machines and how cars got stripped down for parts, but unfortunately we couldn't find a place that would let us come. Apparently everyone is too worried about liability to allow anyone under 16, blast them. It's a shame because I know lots of people who used to love visiting the junkyard with their dads when they were kids. So I was sad about this.

We did, however, visit the Ferrari dealership in Salt Lake (Ferraris are Abe's favorite car), and they were really nice. I called ahead to ask if they'd be bothered by a bunch of kids showing up, and they said not at all. So that was really fun.
This picture is so great. I have no idea why they're shaking hands; I think they thought it made them look professional or something. :)
I also took the children to a gas station and showed them how to fill the car up with gas.

And at the end of the unit, Sam took the boys to a Go-kart racing track. (The girls aren't tall enough yet to do it.) They LOVED that. It was expensive, but fun and memorable for a culminating activity.
We considered going to this Classic Car museum in Salt Lake City, but never made it there. Maybe another time. We did go to a Car Show closer to home, though, and saw many classic and vintage vehicles there, so that was fun.

Here is a calendar showing the dates and locations of Car Shows in Utah.

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