Monday, January 29, 2018

Print Ad/ Book Cover Design Assignment

After designing their logos and business cards, the children were ready to do their Print Ad. There is a LOT of design and execution that goes into making an ad, so I was just looking for them to demonstrate that they understood some of the concepts and design principles we talked about. They could either advertise a product, or redesign a book cover. Daisy was the only one that chose to do the book cover.

She worked really hard on it, choosing to use an old photo of herself for the goose girl, and clip art geese with clip art crowns. She learned how to paste and rotate and scale objects in photoshop, and to erase backgrounds. She chose the color of the cover, and the black shadow around the geese and the girl, to show that "this isn't just a kids' book, but it's a little bit scary and adults might like it too!" I love how it turned out! I might even like it better than the original. Note that this book is published by her company, "The Winding D."
I'm sorry to report that Sebastian and Malachi put off making their ads until they were nearly due, and as a result made them a little less polished than they could have. Both of them could have stood to do a few more concepts and rewrites. (Both of them could also do with a little less of the smart-alecky ad copy...but such is life with preteens! Ha ha.) Here is Seb's "Shmelf."

Some of Malachi's thumbnail sketches
And here are the last two version's of Malachi's "ad-making machine" advertisement. He thought his deliberate use of the Papyrus font was pretty darn funny in the left version. But after Sam's feedback, he ended up using the version on the right. "Lape" is his company name (I can't remember what it stands for...if anything).

Abe, my future businessman, LOVES doing this sort of thing and does it even in his free time. He came up with a music and movie subscription service catering to the "elite customer." He tried to suggest elegance and money-is-no-object in every line. He tried version after version, changing fonts and line spacing, experimenting with colors and layout. He worked really hard making it exactly as he wanted it! And the final product, printed out on glossy paper, really did look beautiful. Here it is:

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