Friday, October 18, 2013

Hiking in Cache Valley

After our lovely morning with the horses, we spent the afternoon hiking a trail Andrea knew in Cache Valley. Lots of the leaves in the mountains had already fallen at this point, so I wasn't sure how the foliage would be, but the weather was perfect and the hike turned out to be really beautiful.

We drove around for awhile figuring out where to go, which was great because we got to see all the lovely types of rural scenes that make me want to pack up everything and go live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Tree-lined Main Streets! Haystacks! Cows! Signs that say "Town Potluck"!

The October sunlight slanting through the trees made for such lovely pictures. I just love the way these few last maple seeds glow from behind.

We didn't make it up the whole trail (did I mention we had 14 kids between the three of us?) but even as far as we got, the views were great.

Boys in glowing fields

On the way back we saw the two reddest trees in the world, so that was nice.
What a fun day we had!

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