Friday, October 18, 2013

Horses and horseshoes

My friend Andrea arranged a field trip for her brother to show us how to shoe horses. (Her kids are studying the Middle Ages, and farriers---horse-shoe-ers, you know---were very important during that time.) We are not studying the Middle Ages at present, but we were totally up for going to see some cute (are horses cute? or something less diminutive---like, "majestic"? Well, we thought they were cute, especially the baby) horses.
Andrea's brother Wyatt was really great with the kids. And I thought it was so interesting to see him trim the horses' hooves---like toenails! They looked so neat and tidy when he was done. Amazing. The horses were nice and well-behaved.
As I mentioned, there was a baby horse. So cute! The cat liked him too.
Far-away baby
Two babies (will one eat the other? If so, which one?)

And then, most exciting of all, we got to ride the horses! Wahoo. The kids were SO excited. I even got to ride one, which I haven't done since college.

Wyatt and Andrea were so patient to walk the kids around the corral again and again, while the rest of us took millions of pictures of our little dears. Why are little kids on horses so cute?

Cowboy hat!!

My favorite was when Junie and Harriet were on there together. They are so tiny! 

Actually Junie and Harriet are cute no matter what they're doing. Here Harriet is playing with the puffballs on Junie's coat zipper.

I told you there were millions of pictures.

Afterwards, before we went hiking, we had a picnic in Andrea's parents' awesome yard. So beautiful! I do love Cache Valley.

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