Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miscellaneous rock stuff

This is "the NCC," as Sebby fondly referred to it. That stands for "Natural Crystal Cave." He worked on this cave for days, and then led tours of it in the dark with a flashlight.

Sam taught a class on how to draw rocks. He talked about cross-hatching and shadows. Seb drew a rock covered with crystals.

Everybody made rock collections for this unit. We keep them in these big egg cartons. The egg cartons work nicely because you can stack them two or three high if you have lots of rocks (and if you eat lots of eggs, which we do).

I got these posters here and we LOVE them. They are on the bulletin board right by our kitchen table, and I don't think a meal has gone by in the past two months where someone hasn't referred to them in some way. The boys all memorized the Mohs Scale without even trying to.

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