Monday, May 18, 2015

Homemade Japanese Ramen

There is so much delicious Japanese food to try! We had several different days where we were talking about and trying out various foods. One day we decided to try to make our own ramen. We got a recipe here, and it was really easy. Yummy, too.
Cutting the noodles up was fun. I don't know if we got them thin enough, but they tasted good!
Seb made a point of setting his food all up neatly on a tray, since artistic arrangement and attention to visual detail is one of the hallmarks of Japanese cooking.
Um…Daisy is still working on her chopsticks skills. :)

BY the way. Our favorite place to eat Ramen in Salt Lake City? Koko Kitchen. We loooove that restaurant. Not just their ramen, but their katsu chicken, their gyoza, their teriyaki chicken, and everything else we've tried. Yum!

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