Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Japanese Origami; Origami Field Trip

Our favorite origami resource was a documentary about origami, called Between the Folds. If that link doesn't work (we found it on YouTube), type it into a search engine and find it elsewhere, because it was amazing. We loved it! There are so many uses for origami, from astronomy to medicine. The wet-fold techniques are fascinating. We definitely recommend watching this one!!

This is another fascinating video about origami in Japan.

By happy coincidence, the BYU Museum of Art had an Origami exhibit going on during our Japan Unit too, so we took a field trip to see it. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the exhibit, but there were amazing pieces like this one:
and others that you would never believe could be just folded or bent paper. Really cool to see. The children loved it and so did Sam and I.
And at the end of the exhibit, there was a station set up with iPads and step-by-step instructions for how to fold your own origami. The interface was pretty simple, so Malachi (age 7) could do it mostly by himself, but Daisy and Junie (age 4 and 5) needed my help. It was really fun; I could have stayed there for hours making things.
Some of our origami creations
We also got to see this Brian Kershisnik painting I've always really liked, so that was nice. And there was another exhibit upstairs called Deco Japan (about the Japanese Art Deco movement) that we really loved as well.
At Cub Scouts, Sebby learned to make these modular origami balls out of twelve folded sheets of paper. They look really cool. The children have made several, out of various colors and papers. There are detailed instructions for how to make them here.
A few other relevant links:

An origami robot that folds itself and walks away!

A picture of millions of paper cranes at the Peace Park in Hiroshima.

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