Friday, May 29, 2015

Using Chopsticks

Even though I try to practice with chopsticks whenever I can, I'm not very proficient with them. The children have hardly ever used them at all. But we played some games (all based around the idea of picking up mini-marshmallows with chopsticks) to help us get some idea, anyway, of how they are used.

We liked this graphic about chopstick etiquette.

There's an episode of "Begin Japanology" about chopsticks. We didn't ever get to watch this one, but we still plan to. (I would like to watch every episode of this show. I love it.)

And we love this finger math game called "chopsticks." Apparently this is a game children play in Japan. We had played it before and knew it as simply "sticks." But it's a really fun game—try it!
Daisy, picking something up with great concentration
"I did it!"
Abe and Seb are pretty much chopsticks pros. :)

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