Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aerodynamics and the Forces of Flight

You can't swing a cat in the Aviation Education world without hitting something about "The Four Forces of Flight." There's no shortage of resources, but I'll include a few of our favorites.

This site is just great, all around. It talks about aerodynamics, forces, propulsion, materials, and so forth, and it has lots of good little animations and videos.

This is a very good discussion of the effects besides Bernoulli's principle that act on an airplane to help it fly. When I emailed my physicist brother about the fact that we were studying aviation, he immediately wrote back, "Did you run into any controversy about whether or not Bernoulli's principle really makes them fly?  There's a perennial 'Bernoulli!'  'No, angle of attack!' discussion, as if they both can't apply." Ha! And we HAD run into it. This site does a good job of showing that multiple factors are involved.

Here's another good overview site, with some activities.

This video about the four forces of flight was thorough, and entertaining.

This is a really fun lesson plan about flight. This is where we got the idea for our "drag chute," pictured above and below. It's a very effective illustration of how strong drag can be!
We also had fun making "Magnus Flyers," which we learned about from this video. They are very interesting little gliders! You can see Sebastian demonstrating how they work here:

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