Monday, August 17, 2015

Aviation and Aeronautics Unit Study

These spreadsheets look so tiny here. Click to enlarge.
As I said, I wasn't sure this Aviation Unit was really going to be my thing—but it's been awesome. I have learned SO much about airplanes, to the point that I now get almost as excited about seeing "my favorites" as my children do! :) We had a lot of great field trips and watched a lot of cool movies. We were all quite sorry when it came to an end!

Here's the Pinterest board for Aviation and Aeronautics

Here's a movie we got from the library that is good for little kids (preschool/kindergarten) about planes. It didn't really fit in on any of my other posts for this unit. :)

You better believe we referred to President Uchtdorf like crazy during this unit! We used his analogies during devotionals, and listened to all of his talks that referred to airplanes! We love him! Here are some of our favorite talks:
This one, where he compares gospel principles to the aeronautical principles of lift and thrust.
This one, where he talks about the one burned-out light bulb that led to a huge plane crash.
And this one, about an airplane that was off-course by just a few degrees.

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