Friday, September 25, 2015

Building a Paper Airport

We learned all about airports, and then decided to build one of our own using what we'd learned! We got a lot of information about Air Traffic Control from this packet, and then we learned some cool stuff about runway lighting and what it means from this page. And this page had more information on what the runway symbols, etc. mean. Really fascinating.

We really tried to get everything accurate, and it was so fun to find things around the house to stand in for various parts of the airport! And it was great to have a place for all the homemade model planes to go. The only trouble was that we built this right next to our front door, so it was in the way of everything for several days, and there was lots of muttering and "ouch!"-ing from everyone who walked by and stepped on a stray "runway light"!
Abe mostly made this check-in area. There are different lanes for drop-off and pick-up, as well as shuttle buses, to keep everything running smoothly. Each airline has a separate check-in desk.
Daisy made the main airport control tower, as well as the maintenance hangar and one of the radar towers (the red curly thing on the left of the picture).
She also made a nice long-term parking lot.
Malachi made the security area with these walk-through metal detectors, and conveyor belts to carry the luggage through the X-ray machine.
Seb's masterpieces were the runways and taxiways, all appropriately labeled and lit with accurate lighting systems (as learned above), of course!
His tiny runway approach lights looked just like the real ones we saw on our trip to the airport!
It was really a wonderful airport. Everyone had so much fun playing with it!

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