Monday, September 14, 2015

Paper Airplanes (Paper Gliders)

As if one didn't have enough paper airplanes being made around one's house already! But, of course, there are so many variations on the basic paper glider. You can learn a lot from making them! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, all promising to be the best, longest, fanciest flier in some way. My boys enjoyed making this one that looks like an F-22.

As I mentioned on another post, this site shows how to make a paper glider that uses flaps and elevators to move in different ways. It's a good hands-on way to experiment with how and why these surfaces affect the plane the way they do.

This site has a bunch of interesting glider designs.

This is an interesting little glider, made with two paper hoops! It works surprisingly well. Instructions here.

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