Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aquarium penguins

To go with our Penguin Unit, we went to the aquarium because they have penguins there! This normally would have been too expensive of a field trip, but since we usually do a family activity for birthdays anyway, we counted this as Daisy's birthday present. (Warning: all these pictures are terrible, but they remind me of a nice day, so I look at them fondly anyway.)

I went to the aquarium with Abe's school class last year and he's been wanting to go back with the family ever since. The aquarium has grown a lot since we first went there seven years ago (the day I was in labor with Sebby---at that time it was just a big empty room with some stingrays in a tank and, like, an octopus. Super disappointing.) and it's quite fun. I think they are dreaming of/ fundraising for a bigger space (of course they are; when is a place like this not fundraising?!) and I can see that several of the exhibits are not . . . ideally situated (e.g. none of the kids could really see the penguins on land, since the waterline was above their eye level, and of course there are big "NO CLIMBING" signs on any surface that might be remotely helpful in boosting them up). Still, we really liked the penguins (they are Gentoo Penguins, which look like they have little white headbands on. So cute!) best, but we really enjoyed everything. There's a display where you can get an electric shock like you'd get from an electric eel, which of course all the children had to try 500 times. We liked the otters a lot, too.
Cute baby sharks

Little Blue Penguin and little pink baby

Daisy was riveted to this exhibit

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