Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympics party

At the end of the week (when I was home from camp, yay!) we finally got to sit down and watch some of the Olympics together! We have very low standards of what is a "party" around here. Well, not with the food. The food must be superb, but we avoid too much fussiness in the other elements. :) I did, however, buy balloons (which I have done exactly zero times before---ever!---so it was very, very exciting to the children) in the Olympic Ring colors. Abe hung them on the railing. This made it An Occasion!  Also, the boys made many, many signs and pictures to hang on the walls, which they love doing. (For example: a menu with all the food we were having, matched with a sport. We were supposed to eat that food when we saw/heard that sport mentioned. Abe made that game up.:)) And then we mostly just Olympifed a few of our dishes:
artichoke dip

And we made torches for our popcorn.

Junie got very excited when she saw us clapping and cheering, and wanted to join in.
It was a great party!

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