Friday, August 17, 2012

Waterfalls (and why are waterfalls white?)

Before we talked about dams, we had a day on waterfalls, where we learned about several of the highest/biggest/widest waterfalls on earth, and learned the names of different types of waterfalls. We also took a field trip to hike to one of our favorite waterfalls, Battle Creek Falls.

We took a picnic (split into our several backpacks, although most of the space in mine was taken up by a picnic-eater instead of a picnic) and had a lovely time. It was hot, but so pretty, and the mist felt wonderful!
Malachi helps Daisy
Abe helps Malachi

These fuzzy caterpillars were everywhere! Daisy reacted with a slightly-hysterical nervous laugh whenever one started inching close to her. The rest of us liked them.

Nobody fell down this waterfall, so our field trip was a success! :)

I was telling Sam about our field trip as we went on our date that night, and he said, "Here's something interesting: do you know why waterfalls are white-colored?" I didn't, so we spent a good portion of our date having a lively discussion about it---nerdy, but just the sort of thing we like. Another indication that we were meant for each other, and that this homeschooling adventure is a good thing for our family. :) 

Sam's explanation was the best (this is exactly the type of thing his lighting class is about) but here is another video which also explains this interesting phenomenon.

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