Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Water Unit Schedule/Lesson Plans

This unit was so big that I felt like this lesson plan deserved its own post. I decided at the beginning of the summer that since Seb's and Daisy's birthdays both fell in August, we would study something each one really liked during his or her birthday week. For Sebby's week, we chose to study water, and because it's such a huge subject, so we planned three weeks for it. (And of course, we weren't trying to cover EVERYTHING about water---we left out marine life and a million other potential foci.) For this unit, I focused mostly on the ways water works for people: hydropower, irrigation, pipe systems, etc. We learned about those properties of water that were applicable to these areas (surface tension, density, water pressure, and so forth).

It was a fascinating unit and we loved it!

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