Monday, November 19, 2012

Hare Krishna Lotus Temple field trip

We've admired this Hare Krishna temple from afar for many years now, but I've never actually been inside it until now. It was a great place for a field trip---not least because of the friendly llamas, peacocks, and bunnies walking around outside!
Such a nice llama!
The white peacock was lovely, and the other one's blues and greens were so brilliant I almost couldn't believe he was a real bird!

The temple itself was also lovely, and interesting. A nice lady gave us a tour of the worship hall/shrine area. She wasn't, hmm, the most knowledgeable student of her religion, I suppose ("And this is Lord Shiva. He's the god of . . . well, I can't remember exactly, but I know he's, like, really good for women!") but she was very kind and she let us wander all around and look at everything. The place was totally deserted on a Monday morning, but there is a vegetarian buffet and gift shop downstairs, and our guide said they get 80,000 (!!!) people there for the Holi festival! I know I used to always see students wandering around BYU all colored from celebrating Holi, but I never wanted to brave the crowds myself.
She said they don't bathe and dress the statues every day here, but they do so regularly. We loved the flower garlands and the little offerings we saw.
Here is the whole space---very light and open. I loved the intricate relief designs (peacocks and flowers) in the dome, and the patterned floor.

Outside we saw this interesting little cart.

We liked the various little architectural details, like these wrought-iron peacocks over the doors

and these elegant carvings on the outer walls.

A nice elephant ("Baya-yama!" yelled Daisy, throwing her arms around his leg).

We availed ourselves of this little playground on the temple grounds. The children loved playing and watching the animals.
Another view of the temple
And this was taken later that night as we were driving home. It looks so pretty all lit up!

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  1. Okay, I am usually quite content with how we homeschool, but man--you are amazing! Maybe I should stick my kids in school when I'm pregnant. Sigh. But really, you are amazing and I love all of your ideas and want to steal every single one. Plus, those little easels are adorable and my children would love them.


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