Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Indian spices and Yoga

One day we tasted a bunch of "Indian" (not sure if that is right---maybe I should say, commonly used in Indian cooking?) spices. They are so lovely on the plate, aren't they? And so fragrant. I loved the little assemblage of flavor and color.

Malachi looks like he doesn't like it, but that's just his Concentrating Face. (Sam glares when he tastes something he likes, too.) The children even wanted to try pinches of the spicy red pepper! And they liked it, too!

Another day we talked about yoga, and tried some out. It all seemed to go pretty well . . . 
until I introduced a position called "London Bridge."
This immediately resulted in Sebby bossing everyone around and moving them into various configurations to try to construct all the OTHER bridges he likes. I kept trying to explain that the point wasn't really architectural accuracy, but rather gentle stretching and mental alertness and relaxation, but it was futile. Seb really had had no use for those other things, but building human bridges he could get excited about! The children also enjoyed contorting themselves into various poses that made them fall over on top of each other. Yes, very relaxing.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge. Abe is tired of being posed by Sebastian.

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