Thursday, November 1, 2012

Speeches and Ribbon Flag

We talked about how public speaking is an important part of running for office (and other parts of life, really), and we talked about the kind of speeches that political candidates give. Then I found this online teleprompter, which is SO FUN. So we wrote speeches and took turns giving them to each other, with the assistance of the prompter. (The most coveted position was that of Teleprompter Controller.)
I guess I don't have any pictures of Malachi speaking, but he was great. Here is his speech: 
"Hello, my name is President Malachi. I am going to give a great speech about all the things I'm going to do. I am going to make a law that nobody can go in the White House without permission. I will make a very tall White House with 100 floors and a big point and a tram that goes to the roof. And I will make an escalator that goes all the way up, and there will be a huge rocket that I could ride in. Bye-bye now; thank you for listening to my great tall speech."

We also made this American flag for our door, out of ribbons. I think it's quite cute (if slightly uneven). We followed the instructions here . . . sort of. Our ribbons were a different width and that made everything more complicated. But we had fun anyway!

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