Thursday, November 8, 2012

India Unit Schedule and Lesson Plan

We really loved learning about India. What a fascinating country! We would love to go there someday. I have a sari that my aunt and uncle brought back to me on one of their trips to India, so we took turns wrapping it and putting it on, with varying levels of success.
Malachi thought it was VERY funny to have a boy wear a sari.

Abe opted for a turban instead.

A couple links that didn't fit easily anywhere else:

Some Indian dancing we enjoyed
We made yogurt a couple different times during the unit, after much consultation and help from some friends. It was really yummy. We are still perfecting our technique, but this recipe is one I'll use in the future (when I get a new crock pot . . . I realized my crock pot must be broken after it kept  the milk at 160 degrees for FOURTEEN  HOURS without ever getting hotter. So the stove method is faster for me at the moment).  Anyway, the yogurt made delicious lassi and it tasted awesome on our coconut dal. Which I should post the recipe to also, and I will link it here when I get it up.

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